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Engagement Photo session with fur babies tips

Bring your dogs and pets to an engagement session is cute but also challenge! I summarized a few tips to help you get a successful session that please your clients. See the full session here.

Before the Session

1. Communicate with your client

Communication is one of the most important elements, but often neglected, in a successful photoshoot. Before the actual session, make sure to have a video or photo call with your couple and ask them about these things:

  • what’s their most wanted shots
  • what are their dog’s temperament and behavior
  • what are their dog’s favorite toys, treats, or commands that could help

2. Bring a friend or dog sitter

    Having a helper to manage the dog is very important. She and he can call them to look at the camera, give them short walks, and calm them down when they get too excited or frustrated.

    During the Session

    1. Get on Their Level

    Like photographing people, Always getting to these fur babies’ eye level if you want create nice portraits for them. So, set your camera lower most of the time!!

    2. Try different poses

    • Walking Together
    • dogs with owner in the background
    • wide angel shots of them hangout with their owners
    • one or two above the headshot
    • Playing and Cuddlin

    3. You don’t have to have the pets in all the photos

    Yes, they are super cute and photogenic! However, the couple may also want shots that just them two to give a bit of variety. That’s why it’s essential to have a helper from the start!

    Photographer: Villa Li

    Session Location: Old Town Alexandria