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2024 Bride Guide — Ceremony

1. Lighting

Lighting is always at the top of the priority list. If your wedding is outdoors or even indoors with a big window lid by the natural light, try to push the ceremony a bit late (after 3 pm) to avoid the harsh mid-day sunlight. The direct sunlight not only makes you and your guests frown unintentionally but also creates dark under-eye shadows.

If your ceremony is scheduled for mid-day, consider coordinating with your wedding planner to position the seating area where the natural light is diffused by trees. This arrangement can help minimize harsh shadows and create a more flattering look.

2. Walk super slow down the aisle

The bridesmaids/families should always walk SLOWLY along the aisle one by one. The second bridesmaid should walk after the first bridesmaid arrives at the destination. This way, the photographer can capture a lovely, focused portrait of each individual but not have them overlap with each other.

3. Hold your bouquets at your belly button level and facing out

I have seen a lot of brides holding their bouquet without paying attention. The truth is holding your bouquet at your belly button strikes the perfect balance. It appears more relaxed and confident. Also, these bouquets are expensive so you want them to face out and shine through the photos.

4. Tell your officiant to move out of the way before the kiss

Often the officiant ends up appearing in the last-kiss photo, accidentally photo-bombing and ending up a permanent fixture in your album.

5. Hold the kiss for a bit longer.

A perfect first-kiss photo after the ceremony is a timeless classic. Just hold that kiss for a bit longer, and ensure the moment is captured by the photographer and cherished forever.

6. Stop halfway down the aisle for a dip& kiss moment

Another classic moment is the dip&kiss halfway down the aisle (aka: the second kiss) Start by turning into the groom and pass the bouquet into your left hand.